Styles Upon Styles

Crazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew recently teamed up with for a music and dance event called Styles Upon Styles, which they plan to take on tour to different cities in the coming months.

The music and dance event launched in San Francisco in March, and is now planning to take their show to Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

On Thursday (May 20), Styles Upon Styles will hit Los Angeles’ venue, The Echo, where dancers will battle, while DJs penetrate the air and the newest fashion trends are introduced.

Producers Shelley Oto, Crazy Legs and Dennis Infante expressed their enthusiasm towards bringing this event to Chicago and New York in the coming months.

“We’ve received an overwhelming turnout in San Francisco and we are excited to share this documentary and experience with our Los Angeles music and dance community. New York and Chicago is next …,” they said in a joing statement.

Their Los Angeles stop will begin with a first time look at a featured documentary titled “Bouncing Cats,” an inspiring story of one man’s attempt to create a better life for the children of war torn Uganda, using the unlikely tool of hip-hop, specifically b-boy culture and breakdancing. It features Cazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, as well as includes narration by Common and interviews with Mos Def, and K’Naan.

All proceeds for the screening will go to Breakdance Project Uganda, a Ugandan-based project, which uses break dance (and other elements of hip-hop) for positive social change. It was started up in February 2006, and has since been giving free classes in Kampala at Sharing Youth Centre in Nsambya.

The film screening will be followed by a Q&A with Crazy Legs and soon after launch into the event, Styles Upon Styles, hosted by Crazy Legs himself.

The evening will include music provided by Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew), Ervin Arana (Rock Steady Crew | Root Down Sound), and DJ Dennis Infante ( Then there will be a live DJ and percussionist set from the likes of Melena Francis Valdez, Eric Seats, and Timbali Cornwell … all while Steven Lopez does a live painting.

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