Janet Jackson Surfaces With Chopped Hair ‘Do

By Allen Starbury  |  05/20/2010

Janet Jackson turned 44 years old over the weekend, and in celebration of turning another year older, the young sister of Michael Jackson cut off her hair.

Here's a photo, posted by TMZ, of Jackson popping up in London this week with a much shorter 'do than anyone's ever seen on her...

Janet Jackson's short hair

In other Janet news, she is set to headline New Orleans' 2010 Essence Music Festival in July ... and has a book due in the fall. The forthcoming book, titled True You, addresses her struggles with staying fit -- Janet has always struggled with her weight.

"I've had issues since I was a child. I wasn't heavy, but people made me feel like I was," Janet told USA Today last month. As a 10-year-old on the TV series Good Times, "I was told I needed to lose weight. And they'd bind my chest, because I already had breasts. At a young age, I was being told I wasn't good enough. So the book is about self-esteem as well."