Mashonda and Swizz BeatzThe divorce between Swizz Beats and his ex Mashonda will reportedly be finalized very soon. According to the New York Daily News, it was final two weeks ago, but Mashonda wants money for missed child-support and alimony payments.

In court docs filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Mashonda says Swizzy owes her big money — $334,000 worth.

She says he owes $325,000 in equitable distribution and $9,000 in alimony and child support.

“I so much wanted both of us to get on with our lives and maintain our respect for one another, but he now shows that his priorities and sense of responsibility are screwed up,” Mashonda said in a statement.

Her lawyer, Bernard Clair, adds that Swizzy’s non-payment is “particularly troubling”, especially since reports have surfaced about the producer buying his fiancee Alicia Keys a seven carat engagement ring earlier this year and then, moved into a $14.5 million dollar Manhattan penthouse.

Swizz Beatz has denied Mashonda’s claims, telling the NY Post that the $334,000 he allegedly owes is “inaccurate” and “overblown”. Furthermore, he adds that he’s gone “above and beyond” to provide for her and their son. In fact, Swizz says the singer is “making out like a bandit.”

According to Swizz, he’s already paid Mashonda over $700,000, $500,000 more than the judge recommended.

“I’ve been taking blows and punches the whole time. It’s like here we go again,” the producer told the paper. “She’s very fortunate. She’s sitting here complaining about things people would love to have. You’ve got a new house, you’ve got everything you need … buying $10,000 bags and stuff like that. Now instead of focusing on work, I have to spend time on this foolishness. Enough is enough already.”

The couple were married for four years before filing for divorce in 2008. They have a son together, Kasseem Dean, Jr. Swizz is rumored to be marrying singer Alicia Keys, who Mashonda alleges broke up their marriage.