Chali 2naJurassic 5 member, Chali 2Na, is gearing up for the second installment of his Fish Market album series, Fish Market Part 2, set to drop in June on Decon Records.

The veteran rapper is joined on the project by DJ Dez Andres (of Slum Village fame) for the classic pairing of MC and DJ. The two combine their efforts to create an album that plays like a mixtape and hope it will be one of the strongest of the year.

For the second volume in the series, Chali stretches his baritone over a varied framework of instrumentals. On “Across The Map”, J-Live assists as tidal waves of cadence crash over punchy horns, eastern strings and timeless boom-bap. Never stagnant though, Chali doesn’t hesitate to flip the script and systematically dismantle Rusko’s dubstep on “Gadget Go Go” with a tangled double-time flow. It’s moments like this that remind us that even when he stylistically casts a wide net, Chali 2na is a rapper’s rapper at the core.

From his formative years battling at the legendary Good Life Grocery in Los Angeles to selling out crowds of thousands around the world with Jurassic 5, the Chicago-born MC has criss-crossed the hip-hop landscape for nearly 20 years. Chali’s reputation precedes him, and he relishes the opportunity to step outside of the box with his new album.

The Fish Market series are releases comprised of obscure gems and unreleased heaters culled from archives of guest-appearances, b-sides and passion projects and Fish Market Part 2 is undoubtedly some of his most interesting work to date.

Fish Market Part 2 is set to drop June 8th.

Below is the album’s final tracklisting:

“FM2 Theme” ft. DJ Dez Andres
“Greezy” ft. Jack Spade, Akil, Laid Law, DJ Dez Andres
“2na Interview
“No Bad Mon” – Tanya Stephens ft. Chali 2na
“Chicken O The Sea Messages” Sha Born, Shockwave & Street Cred
“Hype 2night” ft. Ang 13
“I Met Dez”
“Step Yo Game Up”
“Funky For You” – X-Clan ft. Chali 2na
“RIP Dusk”
“2 Much” – Heroes in the City of Dope ft. Chali 2na
“Across the Map” ft. J-Live
“Hood Report”
“Focused Up” ft. Shock Wave, Ang 13, Raw Power, Street Cred, Laid Law
“Fried 2na”
“On The Low” ft. Planet Asia
“Wheels On The World” ft. DJ Dez Andres, Elzhi
“Gadget Go Go”
“4 The Lu” fet. DJ Dez Andres, Fat Ray
“Time Is Now”
“Save the People”