Master P Joins L.A. Mayor Antonio Villarigosa, Others in ‘Green’ Effort To Plant One Million Trees

Master P, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villarigosa and Daniella Monet plant trees in LAP. Miller, formerly known as Master P, is going green. And, as a part of his green lifestyle, he joined an initiative earlier this month, alongside the likes of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villarigosa, to plant one million trees in the city of Los Angeles.

The project’s main goal, which was sponsored by Fiji Water, is to help reduce global warming.

P, who in recent years has switched his focus to philanthropy, addressed hundreds of volunteers and the media on their mission and purpose of planting trees on May 1st at El Camino High School, where everyone involved gathered to make a difference.

The music industry veteran even got a chance to name his first tree, alongside his team helper actress Daniella Monet, naming it “Hope”.

With his involvement, Miller hopes other celebrities will join the movement to help bring awareness to this initiative.

The concept is based on the idea of more trees in an area can help create a canopy effect for the city, which in turn will help keep the city cooler by providing shade, reducing energy consumption and increasing water retention in the city.

P says the project’s benefits will reap for generations, hundreds of years to come.

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