40 GloccRapper 40 Glocc reportedly went on trial on Monday (May 17) in San Bernardino, California for allegedly promoting his gangbangin’ lifestyle through his music and videos.

According to AllHipHop.com, the rapper (real name: Lawrence White) is at the center of a civil gang injunction filed by San Bernardino County D.A., against 40’s alleged “gang”, the Colton City Crips.

40 Glocc is one of 60 names listed in the documents, which was originally filed in 2008.

District Attorney Mark Vos and prosecutors allege that the rapper is a “senior member of the gang who has become a rap star,” and hope to bar him from rapping about the gangbangin’ lifestyle and/or making any mention of the Crips in his music, interviews, or anything else to do with his music career.

“I’m supposed to be getting judged by 12 of my peers in a jury right, so how are you trying to convict me of something and suppose to be taking me to trail, but the D.A. goes and personally requests a Trial by Judge and it gets granted,” 40 asked in a previous interview with HipHopDX. “The Judge and the D.A. are working together to railroad me right there. If you’re saying that I’m a Crip and I’m doing this and that to the people, than bring the people in and let them judge me. Let the people decide if I’m doing wrong, but they can’t do that because they know they’re lying. Even if I lose at least I’ll be able to say I fought them motherf***ers so f*** ya!”

In addition to censoring his music, the D.A. wants to ban the Colton City Crips — and 40 Glocc — from Colton’s Arbor Terrace Apartments, which is said to be their stronghold and named “The Zoo.”

Ironically, just as he goes on trial, 40 Glocc has released a new single, titled “F*** The Police,” seemingly addressing his current legal situation and sending a message to involved law enforcement.

“Copper what you looking for, the chopper’s in a safe place you don’t need to know / pitchin’ with 50 Cent don’t need to sell blow / talk to the lawyer, he’ll tell you what you want,” 40 Glocc raps on the new single, set to appear on his upcoming solo album, N.W.A., aka New World Agenda.

(Watch the music video for “F*** The Police” right here )

On the track, 40 goes on to name drop Colton police Cpl. Shawn McFarland and Colton police Sgt. Eric Miller, both of whom have spearheaded the investigation into the Colton City Crips’ activities and furthermore, helped draft the gang injunction.

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