X-RaidedIncarcerated Sacramento rapper, X-Raided, was stabbed by several inmates in late March after he refused to help release their music.

According to Amoeba’s blog, the rapper (real name: Anerae Brown) was stabbed and sliced a total of seven times by an unknown number of Mexican inmates while in the prison yard at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, CA.

The rapper’s stabbing then escalated into a riot between a group of black and Mexican inmates. He is currently recovering from his wounds.

X-Raided was reportedly attacked by inmates affiliated with the notorious prison gang, Northern Riders, previous known as XIV, who Amoeba says had been kicked out of the Norte and removed from general population for their own protection.

A prison official said the weapon used was a “state-issued toothbrush that had eight razor blades taped and tied to it”.

They said that two of X-Raid’s attackers were attempting to extort him, asking that he “produce and release their rap album.” When he refused, they planned the prison yard attack.

X-Raided is serving a 31-year sentence for first degree murder and gang-related homicide charges, stemming from a 1992 murder of a Sacramento woman.  From behind bars, he’s managed to maintain his music career, releasing 15 albums since his conviction through his label Bloc Star Entertainment.

The rapper regularly guest blogs on Amoeba’s blog regularly in a column called “Hip-Hop Behind Bars.” Check them out over at Amoeba.com/Blog.