Dubai Hotel Installs Gold-Dispensing ATM Machine

Cash for Gold in DubaiTalk about stuntin’ … what if you could hit the ATM for gold bars? In Dubai, you can do just that.

At Abu Dhabi’s top hotel, they are upping the ante in the race for Gulf luxury by the addition of a gold-dispensing machine.

According to reports, the Emirates Palace has just added an ATM-style kiosk machine, which offers small bars up to 10 grams or coins with customized designs.

It monitors the daily gold price and charges accordingly. All you have to do is put in your cash, and you got gold! They plan to add a credit card option at a later date.

The Associated Press reports that the idea came from German entrepreneur, Thomas Geissler, who began testing the cash-for-gold machines in his native country in 2009.

It debuted at the Dubai on Wednesday (May 12), and is being billed as the first international foray for Geissler’s “Gold to Go” brand.

Check the ATM out in action below:

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