SolarOver the weekend, a hacker broke into producer Guru and his producer Solar’s personal email and social networking accounts, and began leaking alleged private emails, pictures, and other materials. As expected, much of the private material further damaged Solar’s credibility with the public and hip-hop fans.

Some of it included an email with a draft of Guru’s released “farewell letter,” which the producer looked to be revising and finalizing with his PR company; another was shown of him gloating about all the media attention he was receiving from Guru’s illness; and even images were leaked that would indicate that he was cheating on his wife.

Solar has yet to publicly address the alleged leaked information, but the hacker, which was initially believed to be a women, has come forward to explain the motivation behind the move.

In an exclusive interview with, the hacker — who is revealed as  “Renaldo” — explained that while he was angry over the things Solar was being accused of regarding the handling of Guru, he says he didn’t set out to expose the producer. Instead, it just kinda fell into his lap.

“Someone gave me his email address. So I didn’t hack his computer, I hacked his email account,” the hacker explained. “It was never my choice to do it. It was a random thing. It’s not like I feel like I’m the chosen one. But the opportunity was there. It was immediate. When that person said ‘Here is Solar’s email account.’ I said ‘Okay, I’m going to hack that sh**.’ ”

Renaldo continued, revealing that the numerous emails and photos he’s leaked thus far are just the tip of the ice berg. He says there’s much more, but doesn’t plan to leak anything else outta respect for the late Guru. He did, however, throw Solar under the bus once again, revealing some other disturbing revelations.

He says Solar had used the legendary rapper’s email account, while he was hospitalized, to steal money from him, and even accused him of selling Guru’s house as well.

“When Guru was in the hospital fighting for his life, Solar sent an email from Guru’s email account to EMI and said, ‘I want to transfer 1K from my bank account to another bank account.’ And that bank account is Solar’s bank account,” Renaldo said. “I’ve got several bank records indicating that he was stealing from Guru. And some documents indicating that all the royalties from EMI went to 7 Grand [his record label]. I’ve got an email showing that he didn’t pay Doo Wop.

“The perfect ending [to this] is if [Solar’s] in jail because he did some evil things. Like selling someone’s house while they’re in a coma and pretending to be Guru to change bank statements. Those are pretty illegal things and he should go to jail for that,” he continued.

The hacker said he doesn’t plan on giving up control of Solar’s personal accounts anytime soon, and says he’s going to stop leaking personal info. But warns that if Solar lies in the media again, other things will be revealed.

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