Annie comicAfter an 85-year run, the long-running comic strip “Annie” will come to an end this summer. But, it will not totally disappear said Tribune Media Services.

The company told the Associated Press this week that the iconic redheaded orphan close the curtain in the newspaper world on June 13th, but they will re-launch her digitally, via avenues like mobile readers and graphic novels.

“I’m going to miss the girl a lot,” Jay Maeder, the strip’s current writer, told the AP this week. “I wrote her for 10 years. She was a fairly large part of my everyday life.”

The comic strip made its newspaper debut in August 1924 as “Little Orphan Annie”. It was later renamed to simply “Annie,” telling the story of an orphan adopted by Daddy Warbucks and joined by her lovable dog, Sandy.

It was first written and illustrated by creator Harold Gray, who used it to look into the darker aspects of human nature  with dark and political themes.

The iconic comic strip character wore a trademark red dress with a white collar and cuffs. According to the AP, she became the center of the 1930s radio program “Adventure Time with Orphan Annie,” a 1977 Broadway musical and several movies.

Tribune Media Services said the “Annie” strip was costing more to print than it made in revenue. It was reported being printed in less than 20 newspapers in the U.S.

Maeder says “Annie” will go out with a bang, with the final strip being a cliffhanger, showing Annie caught in a tangle with the Butcher from the Balkans. Daddy Warbucks is left to mourn her loss.

In addition to re-launching it digitally, the company also said it may consider animated television and film projects for the character.

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