Guru and SolarWeeks after the death of legendary Gangstarr frontman, Guru, the hate towards his producer and business partner Solar continues.

A fan already set up a anti-Solar website called F*** last week, and now, someone has hacked into his Twitter and personal email accounts.

The hacker, which has only been identified as a woman, has posted Twitter updates at @Solar_7Grand, as well as on Guru’s Twitter page @GuruGangStarr, dissing Solar and linking to screenshots of emails allegedly sent between the producer and his PR company, as well as  other individuals.

In the alleged emails, Solar had worked with a European-based PR company to revise drafts of statements released to the media on behalf of the rapper and himself during Guru’s hospitalization. And, even discussed plans of how to handle “damage control” after Guru’s family members and others spoke to the media about how Solar was handling the rapper while incapacitated.

“Well, the farewell letter is obviously fake, as you can see in the leaked emails. There are different drafts of that letter,” the hacker wrote.

In one e-mail, in particular, Solar instructs his PR representative to eliminate certain words from Guru’s letter, including any mention of the word “surgery” or the Elam family.

“Peace K, take out ‘surgery’. It should just read ‘resting and doing well’. Take out the ‘respect privacy,’ as info is being made up. Last part should end on ‘thoughts and wishes’. Leave out ‘Elam family’ and replace with ‘to Guru and his loved ones,’ ” Solar allegedly wrote in response to the PR company, who had been releasing statements through the producer.

Also released in another series of private emails, Solar was having a discussion with an unidentified friend of Guru’s, who claims that the late MC was forced to open a secret e-mail account and private phone line in order to communicate with his loved ones.

According to, over a span of six hours on Saturday (May 8), the hacker posted a continuous stream of content derived from the information in Solar’s accounts, claiming there was over 800 emails to sort through.

“Solar did control Guru’s Mail, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace,” they wrote on his Twitter. “And for the record: Guru wanted to leave 7 Grand and Solar.

“Guru begged Solar to get the operation done, but Solar wanted to tour in Europe,” the message continued.

In another email, Guru’s former partner gloats about the fame he’s receiving from all the negative press, saying: “Lol, well, I could not buy this amount of press if I wanted too.”

“Fame gotta love it,” Solar allegedly writes. “I have gotten bigger! I did CNN last week. Hot 97, MTV, Fuse, etc. Lol, hate makes you bigger!”

While the hacker has continuously posted messages on both Solar’s and Guru’s Twitter accounts through late Monday afternoon (May 10), the producer was able to post on tweet, denying the authenticity of the alleged email messages.


The Village Voice ran a more extensive piece, breaking down each of the leaked emails. Check it out over at