Digital Dynasty R&B Vol 1The Digital Dynasty mixtape series has become one of the most downloaded on the Internet. Together with Tha Advocate, the series has garnered over 800,000 download across 12 volumes.

After the success of the hip-hop series, we’ve decided to branch out with an all-new R&B series, which we will begin dropping sporadically from here until an indefinite future.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Digital Dynasty R&B, Volume 1, hosted by legendary R&B artist and music industry veteran Mike Biv, better known as Michael Bivins of Bell Biv Devoe and New Edition fame.

“It’s an honor and a privilege man,” Mike Biv said of hosting our first installment. “I’m not a Trey Songz or a KC from Jodeci. I’ve never been a lead singer, so even the R&B world can sit back and say ‘WOW, I never heard him talk, I am just used to hearing him singing on the music.’ The crazy thing is I get to talk some sh** and that’s what I did in New Edition anyways.

“I think they expect to hear some different music and hopefully some different moods they go through listening to the Dynasty music selection. They feel good and feel I am credible to be here. On some real sh**, I been writing R&B for 27 years. I’m not no unofficial cat. If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records, you can see that I got the most records sold of any R&B group in the game.”

While Bivins definitely made his mark as an artist, he also made accomplishments as the mind behind other successful acts such as Another Bad Creation (ABC) and the most success R&B group of all-time, Boyz II Men.

As honors as Mike is, we’re humbled by his willingness to help us launch the R&B branch of our Digital Dynasty mixtape brand.

“I feel like we took the Internet by storm with our hip-hop Digital Dynasty mixtapes. Now going into RnB is going to be interesting and competitive at the same time,” said Tha Advocate. “I always been a huge fan of that real R&B music, so you better believe DD R&B 1 is going to be something to talk about.”

Each of our hip-hop tapes have garnered nearly 100,000 downloads. We expect our R&B series will be just as popular.

So, here’s the deal. Like we’ve done with our hip-hop series, submissions are open for our R&B tape as well. Up until the end of the month, we’re leaving slots open for up-and-comer singers to inquire about landing a slot.

For more information, email Tha Advocate at:

We plan to wrap things up and release the free digital mixtape by the end of May, so stay tuned.

Until then, download our previous volumes below. But also make sure to check out our two-part in-depth interview with Mike Biv we ran a few weeks ago, where he discusses his history in the music biz, where he’s at today and the future. Follow him on Twitter @MikeBiv.