Kimbo Slice

Kimbo SliceAnother yet another disappointing lose over the weekend at the hands of newcomer Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 on Saturday (May 8), street fighting legend Kimbo Slice has been given his walking papers.

After the lopsided fight, UFC president Dana White revealed, via a post-fight news conference, that its likely Slice’s last on a UFC fight card.

“That’s probably Kimbo’s last fight in the UFC,” White said. “Listen, Kimbo made it farther than I thought he would.”

Kimbo rose to fame as a backyard street fighter after a few of his fights made their way to Youtube. From there, the buzz became so big that when EliteXC decided to launch their own MMA league, they chose Kimbo to be the main attraction of their promotion.

White badmouthed him numerous times as Kimbo’s fame grew, calling into question his ability as an MMA fighter.

During his stint at EliteXC, he reportedly earned $250,000 to $500,000 in each of his three fights as the main event. The company was bringing him along slowly and it was working. But, when a much smaller, unknown Seth Petruzell KO’d him in 14 seconds, it looked like the end of Slice’s MMA career.

Luckily, Kimbo was given another shot. Despite slamming him countless times, White gave him a chance to enter the UFC, through their reality competition “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF). Although he was not crowned “The Ultimate Fighter,” White felt he did well enough to give him a show in the UFC.

“He took things serious, trained and went after it,” said White. “His first fight wasn’t the YouTube fights you saw. He won that fight [against Houston Alexander on the TUF 10 finale]. He deserved another fight in the UFC and he lost. Got nothing but respect for Kimbo and I like him as a person. And I think he’s carried himself really well.”

When asked about the “probably” in his original Kimbo quote, White then said “definitively” that Slice was gone.

Kimbo’s immediate plans were unknown at press time.

In a Twitter update on Sunday (May 9), he said he was disappointed in himself before thanking fans for supporting him.

“I’m sorry I let y’all down.. Im ok just dissapointed,” Kimbo tweeted (@KimboSlice). “Thnkxx again for all y’all supporting me.. It gives me motivation to move forward..rough morning though.”