Black Rob Released From Prison, Says He’s No Longer With Bad Boy Records

Black RobFours years after Black Rob was incarcerated on a grand larceny charge in 2006, he’s finally home.

The rapper was released just recently, and two hours after he touched down, he caught up with BET to talk about his life behind bars and his status with Bad Boy Records.

According to Rob, Diddy turned his back on him.

“If you tell me you love me and you tell me you my man, I’m going to take that and run with that,” he told BET. “When something happens to me and you turn your back on me — regardless of the situation, regardless of what we been through — I mean I don’t appreciate that … I don’t respect that. If you my man, I’m going to always be your man unless you flip on me. I was under the assumption that I was family.”

The news isn’t a surprise though. In January 2009, Rob gave XXL an interview from behind bars, revealing that during his entire prison sentence, he hadn’t heard from Bad Boy or Diddy at all. However, he said he planned to rep the label regardless … until he hears otherwise. It seems he’s changed his mind since then.

Despite the snub from Diddy while behind bars, he doesn’t blame the hip-hop mogul for his predicament and made it clear he will not diss his former boss.

“If you follow Black Rob career, you know I’ve been through a whole bunch,” he offered. “When the album is ready to come out, I’m either in jail or somewhere I’m not supposed to be. I’m not blaming Bad Boy. Let’s set the record straight. I’m not blaming P. Diddy, I’m not blaming Harve Pierre for my situation. That was me. I did that. I have no hatred in my heart. I don’t want to retaliate an I don’t want to make any records about Bad Boy.”

As far as his actual time in prison, Rob told BET that it went pretty smoothly. However, there were a few problems he dealt with because of his celebrity.

The rapper said from inmates to correctional officers, a few gave him some trouble.

“I had a couple of problems. But it never resulted into anything physical,” Black Rob explained. “It wasn’t just inmates, officers … no one is above jealousy in there. You had officers in there being real disrespectful ripping pictures of my family off the wall and doing disrespectful things.”

  1. Another badboy artist diddy shited on! Diddy is gonna pay for all the fucked up shit he did. Greedy, selfish control freak! God dont like ugly. Shame on the lox for going back to that sorry ass label.

  2. “Diddy turn his back on me” LOL join the club homie it’s you and a whole lot of mofokers Diddy did wrong the guy is a snake he has no loyalty it’s all bout him look how he did Shyne the nigga that try to save his ponk ass that night

  3. Stop blaming Diddy man, stop getting your azz in Jail in the first place. stupiddddd

  4. I agree with homie above diddy don’t owe that mane nothing.rob gotta own this one.

  5. Diddy is a business man, and if you are not on your game (just like any other busines-family or not)you eventually get left behind. Cant nobody carry yo sorry a.. forever.
    We always think somebody owe us something. They dont!

  6. As an artist, your job is to MAKE money for the label, and work your way up from being a (catch this) Limited LIABILITY Corporation (a business). You are responsible for the asset management (studio’s, equipment, contracts, intellectual property ie copyrights). The CEO is either an investor or a customer who purchases rights to your brand.

  7. Black Rob second album (the Black Rob Report) was tight. But Puff didnt promote it, didnt help produce it and didnt appear on it. But please believe he put that Executive Produced by Sean Combs bullshit on the back of that muhfucka. To me thats some dirty shit

  8. Yall can keep defendin snakes like Baby, Puffy, Jay-Z, Suge and all the rest of them pieces of shit. Not me

  9. Sorry, to say this Black Rob. You are getting to old for getting locked up. That is so 1980’s get on the right path and stop dealing or rocking with negative folks.

  10. U 4got to mention the other snakes in the business Beyonce and her dead beat father amd mother

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