Sedgwick & Cedar with  Joe ConzoSedgwick & Cedar, the urban clothing brand founded by several hip-hop pioneers, has just announced a new line of graphic tees featuring images from legendary photographer Joe Conzo.

The announcement coincides with the re-emergence of the heritage brand with the launch of its new website, which also includes tees depicting original party flyers from that era and iconic photography from Jamel Shabazz.

Joe Conzo is a veteran photographer who has a deep roots in the hip-hop culture. He shared his entire library of ’70s New York photography with Sedgwick & Cedar to enhance its collection of t-shirt imagery. Every piece in the Joe Conzo line is extremely limited and available now at select stockists and online.

On August 11, 1973, the first house party was held in a small recreation room at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in The Bronx, New York. Many believe it to be the birthplace of hip-hop. Over time, these house parties became more popular, later moving to Cedar Park in the same neighborhood. This house party signified the birth of a movement and a culture, later referred to as “hip-hop.” Years later, Ray Riccio launched Sedgwick & Cedar: a clothing brand rooted firmly at this intersection. Through Sedgwick & Cedar, Riccio and the founders of hip-hop culture are telling the untold story of that era’s origin: genres that contributed to the music, and to its icons.

Riccio had help launching the brand, though, from the genre’s pioneers, such as Grandmaster Caz, DJ Kool Herc, Grandwizard Theodore, Sha-Rock, and many more.

Each article of clothing from Sedgwick & Cedar is limited edition and has now expanded to vintage cut & and sew styles, and other pieces.

“My dream was to build a trusted, consumer brand that serves as an homage to the untold story and the icons of hip-hop ,” said Riccio. “My brother Ed and I started this company in his basement — never dreaming we’d meet and partner up with so many legends. All of the founding members have not only supported the brand, but have helped to make Sedgwick & Cedar the authentic label it is today.”

Thanks to Sedgwick & Cedar, DJ Kool Herc and Grand Master Caz — who helped launch the culture and years later the brand — now have an opportunity to earn from royalties derived from all sales. In addition, Sha-Rock, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Coke LaRock earn royalties from the sales of products that include their images.

“It’s incredibly important to me to not only be a part of this brand that pays homage to our roots, but to have a voice in its creation,” said Grandmaster Caz. “Sedgwick & Cedar is reviving this explosive moment in musical history by representing a culture and a movement that myself and the other pioneers are proud to have had a part in creating.”

Products are currently available at the new