Wade McGilberry holding his honorary checkWhen 2K Sports’ new baseball title, Major League Baseball 2K10, dropped in March, they launched a promotion to help hype the game: the “Perfect Game Challenge”, where a gamer had the change to win $1 million in cash for pitching a perfect game.

At first, some questioned if it was even possible. Well, it is, because there’s a confirmed winner.

The game publisher announced Wednesday (May 5) that 23-year-old Wade McGilberry, of Mobile, Ala., accomplished the nearly impossible feat in an hour and a half … the day he bought the game.

He tells the Associated Press that he and his wife, Katy, plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family with the money.

“We are trying to be responsible with it. We are simple people,” said Katy.

Wade reportedly pitched the perfect game on March 2nd, the day he bought the game. However, he hasn’t been able to duplicate that perfect game since.

Take-Two offered the $1 million prize to the first person to pitch a perfect game. The company does not know how many times the feat has been accomplished, but said no one among the game’s developers has been able to do it.

In a perfect game, no batter from the other team ever scores or reaches a base. That means no hits, no walk and no getting on base because he is hit by a pitch or for any other reason. It’s a rare feat in baseball, and in all sports really. In the MLB, only 18 pitchers have thrown perfect games in its history, beginning with Lee Richmond in 1880 and ending with Mark Buehrle in 2009.

“We knew it would be difficult but not impossible,” Jason Argent, VP at Take-Two’s 2K Sports business, told the AP.

Wade said that his wife told him to take the day off work, so he could get a head start on the competition the day he bought the game. Apparently, he owes his wife BIG TIME!

“I thought about it (and) the responsible thing to do was to go to work,” he said. When he came home, he set up a video recording, started playing and achieved the perfect game after “five or six attempts.”

Argent told the AP that the $1 million contest helped boost the game’s sales, which Wade agrees with. He says without it, he probably would’ve never bought it at all.

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