The Game

The GameWhen The Game dropped his third album LAX in 2008, he said he planned to retire from music to spend time with his family and focus on what’s important. But, after a long tour run in support of the album, the rapper came back home, and got back to work pretty quickly before giving retirement a real chance.

In a recent interview with The Game in his Los Angeles studio, we asked him if he gave retirement a real shot.

“Yea, I tried. That sh** ain’t last too long, because you gotta keep the lights on, so you gotta get back out there and do your thing,” the rapper told

While he admits that if he really wanted to, he could quit, due to his substantial bank account,it was his love for the studio that kept calling. “Yea I could, but it keeps calling me back. It’s not even really so much the music man. I just love the studio,” Game explained. “When I’m in the studio, it don’t matter …. as long as it’s got this board. Like, this is my life. This is what I do. These buttons, these knobs … everything, the faders, the volume. This is my life. I love being in the studio, so every time, it keeps you coming back.”

Now, Game is preparing the release of his fourth studio LP, The R.E.D. Album. After three albums worth of music already out, we asked what his motivation to keep recording was … he said his kids.

We followed up by asking what his kids thought about having a famous dad. Surprisingly, he says they don’t even understand just how big their father is in the music biz. Game gets a kick out of it, but explained that he likes to keep his family and career separate.

“I don’t think they have an idea. They 7 and almost 3, they don’t have any idea man. I don’t think they really get it yet,” he explained.

“I keep my kids as far away from my rap career as possible. Harlem, he’s the oldest, 7, and he still doesn’t even know. I asked him just two days ago: ‘Do you know daddy’s name?’ He’s like ‘Jason’. I’m like ‘No, my other name.’ He’s like ‘Game.’ I’m like ‘Why you think they call me Game?’ He’s like ‘Cuz you play video games?’ (laughs) I started busting out laughing and he’s like ‘What?’ I’m like ‘The plaque? I rap.’ He’s like ‘Aww … whatever.’ ”

We hope Game stays in the music biz for a long time, so hopefully those kids keep giving him that inspiration.

The R.E.D. Album is due in stores June 15th. It boasts production from Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Cool & Dre and the RZA; while guests include Gucci Mane, Timbaland, Akon, and Justin Timberlake.