Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill fame, Razhel and his long-time disc jockey DJ JS-1 from the Rock Steady Crew, have all joined forces to form a new super group, called The Elements.

The foursome has employed The Public Record to seek upcoming vocalists and remixers for their debut album.

The Public Record is a new interactive collaboration platform that links top-tier acts with undiscovered talent around the globe.  It allows fans to participate in the music-making process of their favorite hip-hop artists.

Other participating artists that have teamed up with The Public Record include Tommy Lee and Rob Zombie.

As of April 28, The Elements have been accepting submissions for their new song “Marching Skeletons”, which will appear on their self-titled debut album, The Elements.

To participate, go to ThePublicRecord.com.