Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 movieThe 2010 reboot of “Nightmare on Elm Street” hit theaters over the weekend, so now, where does the franchise go from here? Will there be another Freddy movie?

In an interview with MTV, actor Jackie Earle Haley — who plays Freddy Krueger in the revamped version — revealed that he was signed on for a “few movies.”

“I think we need to see how the movie turns out, how that goes and how that does [before pursuing a sequel],” Haley said.

Well, the film debuted in first place over the weekend, taking in $32.2 million to open. Obviously, fans aren’t ready to give up on the iconic horror character, even if the original actor, Robert Englund, has hung up the claws.

There’s still no official word from either Warner Bros or New Line, but we’re hopeful … because we want the “Elm Street” franchise to continue.
If they do, other actors said they’d return. MTV asked actress Rooney Mara about her role as Nancy. She said she’d love to play the character again.

However, Kyle Gallner, who plays Nancy’s boyfriend Quentin, wasn’t 100% on anything just yet.

What did you think of the new “Nightmare on Elm Street?” Does it have a future?