Gloria VelezLess than a week after a video clip surfaced online showing her call rapper Nicki Minaj “garbage” and “a gimmick,” former video-vixen-turned-rapper Gloria Velez has jumped into the booth and unleashed a freestyle dissing the Young Money First Lady.

Although we are unaware of any response from Nicki to Gloria’s previous comments, the model/rapper decided that she wasn’t done. In a freestyle leaked on Tuesday (May 4), Velez spits venom about the femcee for more than two minutes over Young Money’s “Roger That” instrumental.

“I’m in a six-speed drop and I’m sick with the clutch / I’m bout to go in on this bitch like a d*** in her guts / Come on Nicki? Is you licking or what? / How many silicone shots you gonna stick in your butt?” Velez opens the freestyle with.

She goes on to throw several jabs at Minaj, poking fun at her alleged plastic surgery enhancements, comparing her flow to a rapper with Tourette’s syndrome, and even accuses her of providing sexual favors to land a record deal.

“It’s Glo, Murda Mami, strapped up, emergency / I wasn’t gonna do it, but bitch you keep urging me / You better run and use extreme urgency / brain f***ed up, too much plastic surgery,” Velez spits.

“No matter how many times you bat your eye lashes / It ain’t gonna take away from the fact that you trash-ess,” she later raps, before adding: “Remember you came out a Lil Kim clone? / then you started sounding like your got Tourette’s syndrome.”

Last week, in an interview with Major Moves DVD, Velez is asked about her opinion on women in the rap game. Nicki Minaj’s name was brought up and she offered her opinion, which wasn’t very nice.

“She’s a good gimmick, like she has the right team behind her. That’s it, because if anybody else put her out or she was by herself, it would not pop off at all … no matter how much plastic surgery or no matter how much injections in the butt. It’s not gonna happen. It’s a gimmick,” the model said.

Where things go from here remains to be seen. Stay tuned…