Beastie BoysAfter a delay due to member MCA falling ill with throat cancer last summer, the Beastie Boys are finally set to drop their long-awaited new album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1, this September.

Member Mike D tells Rolling Stone magazine the album is like a fine wine, which had to age before they could un-cork it.

“We’ve been letting it age,” Mike D told the mag. “The writing is the growing of the grapes, and we’ve already macerated, and at this point, it’s been living in a barrel and being stored in bottles in the cellar, and hopefully by September, we will uncork.”

Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 will be the trio’s eighth official studio effort. So far confirmed guests include Nas and Santigold. The group has hinted to fans that the new album would be a similar psychedelic head trip of past classics like Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head. In short, it should be a genre-bending album with obscure samples.

“Hopefully it’s gone from being a very good wine with a lot of promise to being a fully refined and fully developed wine for consumption,” Mike D said. “The finest French Burgundies only get better in time, and only show their real selves and real complexity with a great deal of time, so we can only hope that time will tell [for Hot Sauce].”

There’s no exact date, but the Beasties say September.

In related news, member MCA recently bought the film rights to an upcomig documentary about the Holocaust.

The rapper (real name: Adam Yauch) acquired the rights to the movie, A Film Unfinished, through his production company Oscilloscope, after previewing it. He says it “really affected” him.

“It’s an incredibly powerful film, not just because of the rare Nazi propaganda footage it shows, but also the captivating way the filmmakers tell the story,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The documentary premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival. Yauch’s company will open the film at a single New York cinema on August 18 before widely distributing it to cinemas.