Lil Kim, Diddy and Lil WayneLil Wayne got a surprise last Wednesday (April 28), when Diddy headed over to the Riker’s Island prison facility to pay him a visit.

Diddy’s visit to the incarcerated rapper was limited to a one hour. However, he is among the pre-approved visitors allowed to see Wayne while he serves his time.

Accordig to the New York Daily News, the hip-hop mogul traveled to the Eric M. Taylor correctional facility on Riker’s not by private transportation, but instead, by the prison’s public bus shuttle.

Even Diddy doesn’t get the VIP treat at jail ey?

Lil Wayne is behind bars serving a one year sentence for weapons charges.

In related Weezy news, prison guard Amelia Negron announced last week that she was filing a federal lawsuit against the Department of Corrections after she was fired for allegedly spying on the rapper while he was visiting a guest.