Floyd Mayweather and Shane MosleyFloyd Mayweather Jr. remained undefeated Saturday night (May 1) when he took a unanimous 12-round decision over Shane Mosley in their welterweight showdown in Las Vegas.

Despite dominating nearly the entire night, Mayweather gave fans — and his corner — a scare when his knees buckled in the second round after Mosley landed a hard right hand to the side of his face. It brought fans at the MGM to their feet with chants of “Mosley, Mosley,” as he followed Mayweather around the ring, landing another good right hand before the bell rang to end the round.

Mayweather was able to weather the two punches though, and from there, he landed his own punches, almost at will, for the remainder of the fight.

“I caught him with my big right hand and I tried to move around, but by that time he was too quick and I was too tight,” Mosley said. “After the right hand I thought I needed to knock him out and I needed to do it sooner than later. But I couldn’t adjust and he did.”

The right was probably the most exciting of the evening. It was all Mayweather from the third round on. Although Mosley’s speed looked like it bothered Mayweather in the beginning, Suger slowed down considerably by the fourth, and Money May just picked apart  the 38-year-old boxer with punch after punch.

Mayweather never came close to knocking him down though. He is usually criticized for being too defensively during his fights, so you have to give him credit for pushing the action in the beginning. But, before long the old Mayweather was back, picking his shots, countering as he slipped Mosley’s punches.

“I wanted to give the fans what they wanted to see, a toe-to-toe battle,” said Mayweather. “It wasn’t the same style for me but I wanted to be aggressive and I knew I could do it.”

In the end, Mosley just couldn’t keep up with Mayweather, who looked fresh almost the entire fight, while he appeared visibly fatigued very early on. As the rounds passed, Floyd grew more and more confident, and had the fight won in points by the halfway point.

Two ringside judges scored it 119-109 for Mayweather, while the third had it 118-110. Punching stats had Mayweather landing 208 of 477 punches to 92 of 452 for Mosley.

So,what’s next for Money Mayweather now? Hopefully, it’s Manny Pacquiao, the opponent everybody wants to see him face.

Mosley was a substitute for Pac-Man, who was all set to face Mayweather before a dispute over drug testing derailed the megafight. Instead, Pacquiao beat Joshua Clottey on March 13 in Dallas and is now campaigning for a seat in congress in his native Philippines.

“If Manny Pacquiao can take a blood and urine test then we have a fight,” Mayweather said. “If not, no fight.”