The Game

It’s nearing Game time once again. Yes, the Compton rapper is set to drop his fourth studio LP The R.E.D. Album, and he’s back in the studio with Dr. Dre, but how did it happen?

During a recent studio session in Los Angeles, Game revealed to us when and where he was when Dre called and admits it caught him off-guard when he saw his caller id.

“It wasn’t expected. I was sitting at home, watching the game — it’s always a Lakers game I’m watching. He called … I had him number stored in from back in the day and I always talk to him, but we ain’t worked in a long time,” the rapper told “He called, he was like ‘You wanna work?’ I’m like ‘Yea.’ He said ‘You wanna come down?’ I said: ‘I’ll be there in 20.’ That was it.”

Although the pair haven’t worked together since his 2005 debut The Documentary, Game explained that he and Dre have kept in contact the whole time, checking up with each on occasion. He says, usually, they discussed their personal lives. But when it came to working together, he never pushed the issue.

“When we talk, it’s just life check up. It was never about music. Until the day came where he’d ask if I wanna work, or ‘Let’s get into the studio’, it wasn’t for me to bring up,” Game said.

It was reported by MTV that Dre would executive produce Game’s upcoming LP alongside Pharrell, but when we spoke with the rapper last week, he said Pharrell has the title all on his own. Still waiting for confirmation on this.

Dr. Dre, however, is confirmed for a guest spot on the album, but it’s still unknown how many, or if, he’ll have any production credits. Stay tuned…

So far, The R.E.D. Album features guest appearances from Gucci Mane, Timbaland, Akon, and Justin Timberlake; and will boast production from Cool & Dre, the Neptunes and RZA.

The album is due in stores June 15th.