Nicki Minaj and Gloria VelezSince being thrust to the forefront of Lil Wayne’s Young Money label movement, female MC Nicki Minaj has gotten her fair share of criticism. From her voluptuous backside to the silly faces she makes in music videos to her Barbie style, Nicki has heard it all.

While the rapper does receive a lot of support from female fans, she also gets a lot of flack.

Most recently, former video vixen / rapper Gloria Velez shared her opinion on the Young Money rapper’s style. In an interview with Major Moves DVD, Velez said she thinks Nicki is “a good gimmick.”

“There’s only one right now that’s making any noise. Yea, Nicki Minaj,” Velez said when asked about female rapper’s in the game. “You can’t say who’s hot because she’s the only one out. She’s just there.

“She’s a good gimmick, like she has the right team behind her. That’s it, because if anybody else put her out or she was by herself, it would not pop off at all … no matter how much plastic surgery or no matter how much injections in the butt. It’s not gonna happen. It’s a gimmick,” Velez continued.

Since the video leaked, fans of Minaj have been sounding off on message boards and Twitter calling Velez a hater, but as she says in the clip, the comments are strictly her opinion. Velez names a few female MCs she is feeling, before offering a few reasons why she disapproves of Minaj.

“Nah, I don’t like her music. Sorry. I can’t front,” Glo said. “I like [Foxy Brown], I like Eve, I liked [Lil] Kim’s first album. I think it’s a gimmick. I don’t think it’s real rap. Her lyrics are garbage, to me. It’s cute and catchy, but … it’s not hot to me. Some of it don’t even make sense.

“She can’t dance, she’s batting her eyes. What is that? Like the whole time onstage? That’s not a performance mama. … I don’t beleive she has the whole package. That’s my opinion.”

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her debut solo album. Earlier this month, she released the single and video for the Sean Garrett-assited “Massive Attack.” She was heavily featured on Lil Wayne’s Young Money compilation, We Are Young Money, which dropped in December 2009.

Gloria Velez is best known for landing the title of “Video Vixen of the Year” from BET and “Eye Candy of the Year” by XXL. In recent years, she’s been focusing on her music career. Although Velez had once landed a deal with Cash Money Records, she eventually left and is currently shopping for a deal.