EminemEminem has the internet going crazy … again. Nearly two weeks ago, he revealed that he had scrapped his previously planned Relapse 2 album for a brand new project called Recovery.

The rapper said as he began working with different producers, the album went into a whole different direction, so he scrapped it, started over and came up with Recovery.

During an early morning chat with Angela Yee (TeamYee.tv) on her Shade 45 show, “The Morning After,” on Thursday (April 29), Em spoke a little bit about what happened, before debuting a brand new song.

“I kinda went back to the lab on that whole concept,” Em said. “As I started getting to work with different producers and sh**, the very sound changed and I kinda turned the corner.”

As for the old material originally planned for Relapse 2? That’s was thrown away to never see the light of day, he said.

“Pretty much right in the trash,” Em said of the songs. “There’s a few that I would maybe keep for something else, but a lot of them just ended up going, you know, right in the trash.”

At the beginning of the week, Eminem revealed that he would debut its first single, “Not Afraid,” on Thursday and kept his promise. Halfway through the interview, Yee took a break to premiere the song, before finding out more about this Recovery album.

She named off a bunch of producers as Em confirmed. It included: Just Blaze, Mr. Porter, Jim Jonsin, DJ Khalil, Boi-1da, Dr. Dre, and Havoc. Boi-1da provided the beat for “Not Afraid.”

(Download “Not Afraid” in MP3 format right here )

Yee later asked Eminem about the overall theme or tone of the album. Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg had told her that the upcoming album has a more uplifting feel to it, rather than the dark tone Relapse had. Em, however, said that wasn’t exactly true.

“[Lighter tone], I wouldn’t say overall. I think there’s a variety of different things, different moods, and things like that on there,” the rapper explained. “It’s just not one thing. I think that’s one of the cool things I got to do, by working with a variety of different producers. Like the sound, there’s not just one overall sound, or overall anything for the album. It’s just a bunch of different sh**.”

Eminem also revealed that there would be no skits on Recovery, as his albums usually include. It will be all music.

The album is due in stores June 22.