JaMarcus RussellThe Oakland Raiders haven’t had a winning season since 2002 when Rich Gannon led them to an 11-5 record. But in 2007, when they drafted QB JaMarcus Russell with the 1st overall draft pick, fans thought things were going to turn around.

Russell signed a six-year contract worth up to $68 million in his rookie season, and the NFL team placed its hopes on his shoulders.

Three years later, still no improvement, which is why sources are saying the Raiders are getting ready to release the quarterback.

According to ESPN, the team is preparing to release quarterback JaMarcus Russell but have to await the final word from owner Al Davis, according to sources.

However, there is $9.45 million on the books for Russell this season, including $3 million of guaranteed money, and they’re trying to figure out the best way to drop him and save money. If he gets that $3 million, Russell will have made $39 million since joining the team in 2007.

The news seems plausible, especially since they traded for former Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell over the weekend.

In 2009, Russell was named starter of the team, but after multiple lackluster performances, he was benched indefinitely and replaced by Bruce Gradkowski. Gradkowsky went down, Russell was thrown back in the mix again and lost, so he was replaced with journeyman Charlie Frye, making Russell a third stringer for the remainder of the season.

Just last month, reports said the quarterback arrived at Raiders’ training camp outta shape, and earlier this month, he reportedly weighed in at 300 pounds.

During his NFL career, Russell has thrown 18 touchdowns with 23 interceptions and lost 15 fumbles. And, has completed just 52% of his throws.

Yahoo! Sports predicts that it’ll be a longshot that another team will give him a shot at a starting position.