Jim JonesJim Jones is definitely a hustler, and he wants to give back some of the knowledge he’s learned over the years to educate kids.

As we have previously reported, Jim will be a guest speaker to selected New York City high school classes and later speak to Fordham University students on behalf of the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance (E4EA).

He took some time out of his schedule to chat with Ballerstatus.com about his new teaching venture, which he says will focus on the fundamentals and business practices of the music industry and also explore creative content, artist management, music operations, music business threats, opportunities and networking.

“This is something I have been trying to do for a while now, teach them something about music. You know, Tonya [Lewis] (co-founder of E4EA) was able to put it together and put me in some schools,” Jones explained.

Relating the music business to something that the kids can understand is a feat in itself, but Jim has a new game plan.

“I think the business is pretty easy to learn especially the way the kids are so susceptible to music … they could learn a song in one day,” the rapper explained. “But, one of my angles I am coming with is building a bridge between music and real education. It seems that they learn songs in a way that they should be learning their lessons, but they don’t.”

This future generation of executives will have a lot to cover with all of the new technology that comes with the distribution of music. Jim makes it clear that he is still in the learning process himself.

“I think I am still apart of the next generation of executives,” Jones said. “I’m not a full blown executive yet, but I hope that I can lead by example as far as my hustle and my work ethic.”

Different techniques will be used during the course. He gave us a peek into his teaching plan: “I’m trying to make the classroom into a makeshift label, where we deal with publishing, marketing, and promotion. We could have an artist, a manager run through it and see how that would work.”

Some things however, you simply can’t teach. He won’t be instructing the students on how to get out of a contract using his rumored intimidation tactics. Those days are in the past he states, “I wouldn’t give anyone advice on doing that, you don’t want to end up in jail, we were lucky when we did that.”

Jim would like to further his teaching endeavors in the future at some point, but is currently focused on this six week course. Breaking new ground is what he does best, and this is just another example of how he can make his hustle work for him.

The six-week course kicked off on April 27th. For more info, visit E4EA.org.