GuruThe debacle surrounding Guru’s final days is still being unveiled, and it’s seems as though his former partner Solar is even more devious than first believed.

The rapper’s older sister, Patricia Elam, spoke with MTV News this week, revealing that the family didn’t learn about Guru’s death until it was announced through the media. She says the Elam family found out, through media outlets, a day after he died.

She alleges that Solar, who also acted as Guru’s medical proxy, never told the Elams of Guru’s death.

“[My son] Justin found out on the Internet and called me. I had to call my dad,” Patricia said to MTV. “[Keith’s 9-year-old son] KC found out riding in the car, hearing it on the radio. That’s not right if you care about someone. That’s not how you treat them. My brother would never have wanted us to find out that way. Never in a million years. Especially his son. Come on, now.”

This is after Solar told MTV, himself, that he had “the utmost respect” for the rapper’s family.

In addition to learning about their family member’s passing second hand, Elam went on to say that finding out where the body was, was even more odd. Guru was being sent to a funeral home to be cremated without the family even knowing.

“The hospital released the body in [Solar’s] care. I don’t know how it was determined what funeral home it would go to,” Patricia explained. “My son Justin was looking online and saw something that the body was going to be cremated. My father was calling the hospital looking for the body and they were like, ‘We released it to the health-care proxy.’ Luckily my other brother happened to be in New York on something unrelated and he started calling funeral homes in the area, if you can imagine. Fortunately the third one he called was the right one. He said, ‘Listen, I’m the brother of Keith Elam, do not release that body to anyone but me.’ Thankfully he was able to get there in time.”

Eventually, Guru’s body was cremated because it was his wishes. The family now says they are planning their own, private memorial.

Guru’s former producer and Gangstarr group member, DJ Premier, revealed some even more disturbing information recently, when he ran a tribute show to his late friend on his Sirius/XM show. During his broadcast, he detailed the last time he saw Guru, which was in the hospital. Premier said seeing the rapper wasn’t a pretty sight, claiming that Solar did not care for him the way he said he had been.

“When I saw Guru it really f***ed me up,” Premier said during his show. “From what I was hearing — him waking up, and writing and tweeting … there’s no way! There’s no way! We saw him, he looked so gone!

“If you love him, and you’re care of him, why in the f*** did his nails look longer than a f***ing ruler? [And he had a] clump afro. I’ve taken care of people in the hospital. You can wash their head, you can clean their nails up, clean their feet. His feet were swollen, and his toenails were really disgusting. So because of that, it really f***ed me up.”

Before ending his show, the DJ described his final gesture to Guru, as he lay unconscious, just two days before his death.

“I took the logo off my shirt, and rubbed it against his whole body … and I told him a message from me about how much I loved him, and we were for life, and we are still for life. And then I kissed him on the face to let him know that I was gonna miss him, because it seemed like he was already gone. All the tubes and respirators, I witnessed that.”