Eve Reveals Rocky Relationship With Interscope Records: Report

EveIt’s been nearly eight years since Eve dropped her last album Eve-Olution, and while the rapper has been working on new music, they’ve yet to see the light of day.

In mid-January, she confirmed in a brief Twitter update (@TheRealEve) that she had split from her long-time label Interscope, not much is known about her reasons behind the departure. Well, Eve recently revealed that Vibe.com that she’s currently shopping for a new label and discussed the rocky relationship she’s had with Interscope.

“[Interscope was] stupid because they didn’t drop me at first, they [just shelved me] and dropped the ball,” she explained to VIBE. After ‘Tambourine’, they straight up were like, ‘Umm, yeah, nah, we’re not putting out the record.’ After that I was like ‘Yall gotta let me go. I’ve been here 11 years and you’re frontin on me?’ It got to that point.”

As far as the label’s head, Jimmy Iovine, Eve doesn’t bad-mouth him, but admits he’s motivated by trends more than anything.

“I’m not going to talk sh** about him, but I don’t appreciate the fact that he didn’t go the extra mile for me,” Eve said.

That isn’t all though. Eve says the straw that broke the camel’s back was the promises they made to her back in 2007 when they planned the release of her fourth album Flirt, which they simply failed to launch.

“They promised me the machine. The machine is basically the roll out. It’s ‘Yo, when [Flirt] comes out, we’ll give you this, we’ll give you that.’ And that’s what made me mad,” Eve explained. “It’d be different if we didn’t have a mtg where people promised me sh**. If they were just like ‘Oh we’re going to put the album out and see what happens,’ that would be one thing. But they were like ‘No, we’re making sure this happens, it’s coming out on this date.’ It was concrete. But it’s all good, everything happens how it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.”

Eve is now preparing a new album, titled Lip Lock, set to drop later this year. As of press time, there is no label behind the album, but she’s currently shopping.

The the rest of Vibe’s article over at Vibe.com.

  1. i’m sorry that it happen between eve&interscope but it part of busniess that u have to deal with.U have to dust it off to move 4ward without stopping,U used to be hot til they got bored to stop play with records.Do what u got 2 do eve

  2. Why the hell does her stylist or whomever have her face looking 5 shades lighter than her natrual caramel skin tone…?

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