DJ K-Sly and DJ HideoVeteran Los Angeles disc jockey, DJ Hideo, died over the weekend after a lengthy battle with cancer. Following news of his death, we reached out to his music industry peer and longtime friend DJ K-Sly, who has kept us updated on his condition, to get a quote. She sent over this lengthy remembrance piece about her late friend, which we decided to run as its own piece. Read it in its entirety below:

Hideo was a light and a leader, yet he continually served others through his humbleness. I remember when I’d vent to him so many times about personal issues, radio rants and my disappointments in many industry peers. Hideo would listen ’til his ears fell off, then make a joke about my whining. Haha! Afterwards, he’d tell me, you’re doing great and it’s ok to be upset, but to never let it change you.

You can easily be jaded in the music business. Hideo didn’t grow bitter no matter how much he looked out for others and they didn’t reciprocate. He was such a great secret keeper! I could tell him ANYTHING and no one would find out. I can’t even say that about some people I’ve known longer.

He was the only one who never even ONCE — in all the years I’ve known him — make me mad. He never even irritated me! That’s a miracle. And that’s what he was. A miracle. I’m not saying any human is perfect, but he was pretty close.

I know his one wish within the music industry was that the West Coast be unified through good music and have nuttin’ but a real west coast party. He always wanted that and always supported independents. He was the reason many of the underground still got played on the air. He fought for everyone. He deejayed with a purpose and passion. Rare gem.

Hideo was a true soldier, loyal friend, strong leader, loving father and family man.

His family still has to foot the enormous bill on top of moving his belongings and preparing for services. Please let people know that they can donate: DJHideo.

– DJ K-Sly (@DJKSly)