The Game Drops ‘Red Room’ Mixtape, Explains Importance of Free Music

The Game's RED ROOM mixtape

The Game's RED ROOM mixtapeThe Game dropped his highly anticipated new mixtape, The Red Room, on Monday (April 26) with longtime collaborator DJ Skee.

The tape was originally set to be one of DJ Drama’s special “Gangsta Grillz” edition projects, but in the final hour, the rapper decided to make a change and go with Skee after Drama opted out when he heard a few of the jabs Game sent off in the recently released “400 Bars” song. So, as soon as Skee touched down in Los Angeles, he went directly into the studio to begin mixing The Red Room.

Today, he re-released “400 Bars,” mixed down with a slew of popular beats and renamed it the “Skeemix.” The original version of the 20-minute freestyle hit the web over a week ago, featuring Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” instrumental for its duration.

While catching up with his in the studio recently, Game admitted “400 Bars” was probably the toughest freestyle he’s had to record. He previously released “300 Bars,” which was done over a few days, and a “360”, but says “400” takes the cake.

“That sh** was hard to do. ‘360’ was just put together like from three 100 bar verses. It wasn’t like I rapped straight through. “300” was long, like it took me two days to do,” Game explained to “And ‘400’ came along and I got the opportunity over that Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” beat. I thought the beat was dope enough where I didn’t have to change it, so I just wrote in my mind until I couldn’t do it no more. I put it online the next day. I didn’t know what people were gonna think about it because I haven’t put out sh** in a long time, and they thought it was great. They thought it was dope, it was all over the websites. Everybody feelin’ it, so I love that. Get ready for The R.E.D. Room.”

The track definitely garnered excitement by fans, and that was its purpose, the rapper admits. So, next time, after taking some time off, he might even do 500, you never know. “All I gotta do is drop ‘500 Bars”‘when I’m ready. You know what I’m saying? If I go away for a year and I’m ready to come back, we just drop ‘500 Bars’ and we right back where we left off,” the rapper. joked.

Although The R.E.D. Room is definitely a precursor of what’s to come on his upcoming R.E.D. Album, the rapper says he drops mixtapes strictly as a gift to his fans … nothing else, an action he’ll always do as long as he’s a rapper.

“It ain’t about that. It ain’t about getting ready for the album. I don’t care if they not ready for the album, or if they ready. It’s free music for the fans,” Game explained. “It’s like ‘I’m giving you something and then maybe you wanna return the favor, but you don’t have to. But, here you go.’ I still think that that is big and I think that’s important.”

The new mixtape is loaded with star power: Nipsey Hussle shows up on the recently leaked “Ha Ha”; Lil Wayne and Birdman on a track “Everything Red”; Los Angeles-based Kanary Diamonds makes four appearances; Busta Rhymes, Hurricane Chris, Fabolous, and of course, Game’s Black Wall Street camp: XO, K-Young, Menace, Maad Maxx, and Juice.

(Download Game x DJ Skee’s The Red Room mixtape right here )

After the tape, The R.E.D. Album follows on June 15th.

Below is the full tracklist for The Red Room mixtape:

– “400 Bars (Skeemix)”
– “Ha Ha,” featuring Nipsey Hussle
– “The Professionals,” ft. Menace, Maad Maxx, Kanary Diamonds
– “Revolver or the Semi,” ft. Mysonne
– “Drop the World,” ft. Kanary Diamonds
– “Never Stop Hustlin’, ” ft. Fabolous
– “Real Gangstas,” ft. Hurricane Chris and Bizzy Bone
– “Gangs of New York,” ft. Jadakiss and Jim Jones
– “Trippin’, ” ft. Kanary Diamonds
– “Everything Red,” ft. Lil Wayne and Birdman
– “First Lady,” ft. Kanary Diamonds
– “Lowrider,” ft. Busta Rhymes
– “It Must Be Me,” ft.g Pharrell
– “Maad Maxxx Freestyle”
– “Dopeman,” ft. XO
– “Diamonds,” ft. K-Young
– “Heartbreak Hotel,” ft. Diddy
– “Slangin Rocks”
– “Shake” (TRV$ Remix)
– Bonus Track: “Over,” ft. Juice & Mysonne

  1. I am definatley a Game fan……love all his music……But the mixtape is ruined by the dj drops and shouts…..could have done without all that…..

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