We’re back with yet another installment of our monthly Shopping Guide column. April is almost done, and a bunch of new items have hit the market. Our staff has diligently searched far and wide across internet and retail stores to find and feature some of the coolest items to purchase for yourself or others. We compiled a list of something for just about everyone. Check it out!

Nook Strip BeltThe Nooka Strip Belt by Nooka Watches
Price: $85
Buy it: KarmaLoop.com
Nooka, the company best known for their watches, has dropped a line of belts that are very unique. The “Strip” belt features a easy “snap and release” system that lets you adjust your sag with one smooth motion.

The company says the best can adjust to fit your exact waist size, so gain or lose a few pounds, it’s all good. It is made from “BASF’s new Ellastolan thermoplastic polyurethane material, giving it a similar feel to our Zub line,” said their website. It is available in four colorways: black, orange, green, and blue.

They retail for just $85. Get one over at our friends from KarmaLoop.com

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
Price: $129
Buy it: Hercules.com
Experience what it’s like to be a professional DJ with the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2. This light-weight, petit DJ controller offers the basics for any digital DJ. It has two decks, which makes it easy to mix two mp3 files. It also contains two jog wheels to navigate between tracks, cross fader and 2 volume faders to mix two tracks.

The Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 is the perfect – and probably one of the most cheapest – digital DJ controller for beginners and casual DJs.

Specifications: 2 vinyl-style jog wheels, 3 faders , 6 equalization knobs, 2 pitch knobs, and 1 stick & multiple buttons.

MIMOBOT Star WarsMIMOBOT “A New Hope” Stars Wars USB Flash Drives
Price: $29 – $90
Buy it: Mimoco.com
MIMOBOT dropped the fifth series of their Stars Wars USB flashdrives earlier this month, all of which were devoted to STAR WARS: Episode IV A New Hope and its characters. Some are back by popular demand, such as the astromech droid extraordinaire R2-D2 and the shooting-impaired Stormtrooper, but they’ve also released a Jawa and the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The completely redesigned Stormtrooper Unmasked MIMOBOT, features a removable helmet revealing either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo beneath. Each MIMOBOt is available with up to 16GB of space on them, and range from $10 all the way to $50 for the 16GB.

The Stars Wars MIMBOT collection is bundled with preloaded digital extras such as exclusive STAR WARS-themed wallpapers, screensavers, icons, and avatars.

Casio G-ShockCasio DW-6900MS-1 Watch by G-Shock
Price: $110
Buy it: KarmaLoop.com
Everyone’s got a G-Shock these days, but do they have a military-inspired black and black classic? Probably not. Yea, it’s cool to get a white, green, orange, red, or even pink G-Shock, but there’s nothing like a blacked out version of the popular G-Shock classic.

We love this model of the watch, it goes with any outfit unlike some of the brighter colors. And it boasts all the same features, including the an hourly time signal, countdown timers, backlight electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow, stopwatch, daily alarm, mineral crystal, etc. It’s shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters, and boasts a two-year battery life. It’s also just $110. Get it while it lasts.

NGP Matte iPhone 3GS Cases by Incipio
Price: $24.99
Buy it: MyIncipio.com
There’s tons of iPhones cases on the market these days, but after testing out several of them, one of our faves has to be Incipio’s NGP Matte case. They are thin, lightweight and give you the best protection without have some overbearing case on your precious iPhone. We love it.

“Ultra thin, soft and impact resistant carrying solution,” as their site says. It’s made of non-fade, next generation polymer, which is both tear and elongation resistant. It even comes with a video stand for hands free horizontal viewing. It’s available in seven different colors: two shades of green, black, gunmetal, purple, pink, and yellow. For just $24.99, it’s one of the best options there is out there.

Super W SunglassesThe W Sunglasses by Super Sunglasses
Price: $150
Buy it: Karmaloop.com
The Italian eyewear brand dropped this new silhouette for the new season, taking on the “W” name. According to Hypebeast, the new frames follow a late 70s Italian design aesthetic with a continuous one line shape.

The “W” shades defintely have that retro look to it. While it might not be everyone’s style, some gonna love them. Each pair are hand made in Italy with world renowned Carl Zeiss lens. There is supposely five different colorways dropping, but as of now, we only found the black. But, let’s face it, the black are the color to go with anyway, right?

Clout x ELM fittedsClout x Elm Company Fitted
Price: $40
Buy it: CloutOnline.com
Uh oh… after dropping their black fitteds with Elm Company last year, Bay Area-based graffit magazine Clout went back in and created three two-tone colorways: black/gray, black/white and gray/black. They’re dope too!

It’s the company’s third release with Elm Company, and features their popular “Original CLOUT Logo” and “Classic CLOUT Header” designs on two-tone fitteds. Each hat features Elm’s leaf emblem embroidered on the side. The fitteds are pretty limited, so hurry and get them while the last. We got ours!

Famous Stars StrapsFamous Stars & Straps Boom Boh Tee (Limited)
Price: $22
Buy it: FamousSas.com
This is a limited pre-release of Famous Stars & Strap’s Boom BOH Tee, only available online.

The tee features the trademark Famous Stars & Straps “F” logo as a boombox, of course. Probably one of their coolest designs right now. Come on, who doesn’t like a booming system right?

We’re not sure how many pieces this tee is limited to, but it’s selling on FamousSas.com for $22 and is available in three colorways: white, black and yellow. Just copped one yesterday!

urbanearsUrbanears Tanto Headphones
Price: $40
Buy it: UrbanEars.com and KarmaLoop.com
Scandanavia-based collective Urbanears emphasize a deeper connection to color, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience. The Urbanears headphones are available in a handful of styles and at least twelve colors, each having a different function, size and style to match your preferences.

The Tanto is a tribute to the 80’s revolution in modern music and reminds us of the times when the Sony Walkman was a must-have. This retro-styled headset is updated with the latest technology and even has a small build-in microphone/remote that is compatible with most mobile phones and devices. Furthermore, it is size adjustable, has a fabric cord and offers one year premium replacement warranty.

Although design and color ranges outcast the sound quality, the Urbanears headphones are a welcome replacement for the standard iPod earphones and a cool addition to the electronic collection of conscious, hip music lovers.

K1X Finals Vee Pee Tee Tees
Price: $29.95
Buy it: Kickz.com
Our good friends at K1X are back with some dope finals-based tees; Hustler, G.O.A.T. and Showtime. K1X has been our all-time favorite, G.O.A.T. basketball brand. If you’re a basketball pro, amateur or fan looking for quality street wear, look no further. All K1X products stay close and are true to the streets and are designed and manufactured with a vision and an edge that emphasizes quality.

The Finals Vee Pee Tee tees are available in three variations. The insiders will understand the theme and message behind the shirts. These are definitely not for rookies.