DJ HideoWell known Los Angeles-based disc jockey, DJ Hideo, passed away Saturday afternoon (April 24), succumbing to complications of colon-liver cancer, which he has been battling for over a year.

He passed away at 3:22 pm “peacefully” and “surrounded by his family,” said his official website ( He was just 42 years of age, nearing his 43rd birthday.

Hideo’s friend, DJ K-Sly, gave an update about his condition on Friday (April 23). She wrote on her Twitter page (@DJKSly) that he was in severe pain and asked that doctors not resuscitate him when he goes. He asked that he had no visitors during his final hours either.

He posted a final blog entry his website early Saturday, which explained that the DJ had checked back into Mission Hospital in Orange Country, Calif. because he had been feeling weak. At the time of the post, he said his vitals were stable, but unfortunately he passed away hours later.

“Wanted to let everybody know that I check in back @ Mission hospital last week because of the weakness that I’ve been feeling for the past week,” the DJ wrote. “My vitals are stable and now need the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. I’m very aware of my condition and communicate in writing. … Right now, the one thing I really do miss is drinking a nice ice cold soda.”

Hideo was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in early 2009. After he learned of the news and broke it to his peers, his close-knit friends in the music biz banded together to throw a concert called “Best In the West: Operation Hideo”, benefiting his fight against cancer.

News of the DJ’s passing has spread through Twitter, drawing reactions and RIP messages from peers, friends and fans.

“I am so saddened & so angered over DJ Hideo’s passing. Why do the good die young? Better go home before I break something,” a member of Los Angeles-based clothing brand, The Originators, wrote on their Twitter page (@TheOriginators).

“R.I.P. DJ Hideo, thanks for the great time throughout the year! You’ll be missed by all,” DJ Stutter chimed in (@DJStutter).

“Damn….rip DJ hideo………,” added Chino XL (@ChinoXL).

“RIP to my homie DJ Hideo. You will be missed my man. One love,” Talib Kweli tweeted (@RealTalibKweli).

DJ Hideo and his family had set up a website,, where they revealed his bout with cancer and gave updates. Also on the site, they had and are currently accepting donations, which will now go to his family to help with funeral costs.

The DJ had no medical insurance. We’re told his medical bill alone was well over $1 million.

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