NecroThose familiar with Necro, the Brooklyn-bred rapper/producer/label-owner know that he single handedly re-defined the term “hardcore” while gaining an enormous cult following behind his flourishing indie rap empire.

The rapper just dropped “asBESTos,” the first leak from his forthcoming sixth studio LP, DIE!, which finds Necro taking listeners on another ride through the darkest side of hip-hop’s rugged terrain where drum hits and calculated flows brutally assault the ears to mind-numbingly pleasant results.

As preps the new album, the rapper is becoming a bonafied force within the indie hip-hop realm. Coming off of his 2009 production credits on the critically-acclaimed Only Built For Cuban Linx II album from Raekwon.

His label, Psycho+Logical-Records, is a company he’s built from the ground up. To date, he’s grossed over $1 million in revenue through the label and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We caught up with Necro backstage at this year’s Paid Dues Music Festival in Cali to discuss his rise in music, all done independently. Surprisingly, he credits southern hip-hop pioneer Master P for the inspiration.

“I like to think of myself as a champion of the independent game, because I’ve never been on a major label … ever. From the first CD ’til now, independent,” Necro tells “I’m moving up in the world from being that scumbag from Brooklyn that people know gets really busy that drops that brutal death rap sh**.

“There’s a lot to work to do. I don’t think everybody is getting their recognition independently,” he continued. “I think a lot of people making money independently are dudes that were on major labels … that are kinda has-beens, but have that fanbase. But for the people who are really doing it independent, who really started out like that, I got made respect for them. I think there’s a few champions in that, you know, dudes selling 100,000 indie. Gotta respect Master P. I wouldn’t be running my own label if it wasn’t for cats like him that started it.”

In the 12 months, Necro has landed on both last year’s Rock The Bells bill and this year’s Paid Dues bill, accomplishments the New York rapper is very proud. Of course, it didn’t come overnight though. He says he’s been paying dues for years.

As for DIE!, he says listeners “will die verbally, physically, everything …” The first taste from the project is “asBESTos”. Necro says it is “a go for the throat, brutal and epic” record. Check it out below.

(Download “asBESTos” in MP3 format right here )

DIE! drops on May 18th through Necro’s own Psycho+Logical-Records / RBC / Fontana.