DJ AMIt seems as though DJ AM had put in a lot of before his untimely death in August. In addition to the drug-intervention reality series “So Far Gone” on MTV, the celebrity DJ also filmed a cameo in the upcoming “Iron Man 2” movie.

The movie’s director, Jon Favreau, explained recently that leaving AM’s cameo in the movie was a difficult decision to make.

“We tried to make it respectful, and for people who know him, they’ll get a kick out of it and for people who don’t, it will sort of slide by without much notice,” Favreau told the LA Times.

Goldstein will reportedly appear as the DJ in a scene where lead character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) celebrates his birthday. It has not been revealed whether or not AM will have any lines in the scene, but Stark does address him at some point, saying, “Adam, I need a phat beat…”

The film is also dedicated to AM (real name: Adam Goldstein), with his name and his trademark lightning-bolt symbol in the end credits, reports the paper.

AM died in August of last year from an accidental drug overdose. He was found dead in his New York apartment. He was just 36 years old.

In addition to AM, other celebs make cameos as well, including Bill O’Reilly and comics icon Stan Lee.

Photo of DJ AM is courtesy of Estevan Oriol / SA Studios