Kottonmouth Kings’ Daddy X Discusses Importance of 4/20

Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings

Daddy X of the Kottonmouth KingsOn Tuesday (April 20), stoners across the world will celebratie yet another holiday … for marijuana that is. In honor of 4/20, we reached out to some of the biggest marijuana advocates in music today, the Kottonmouth Kings, to see how they feel about the advances the marijuana culture has taken and their feelings about the unofficial holiday.

Group member and founder, Daddy X, penned an exclusive open letter for us. Check it out below:

The Kottonmouth Kings have been pounding the frontlines of underground music and marijuana reform for 15 years now! As April 20th, 2010 approaches, there seems to be a perfect storm brewing in this country, as the Kottonmouth Kings will release Long Live The Kings on 4-20 and marijuana legalization will be on the California November ballot!

This is a monumental step towards true freedom and ending prohibition in this country with the economy in shambles, the government had no choice but to deal with the positive economic impact legalization would have. In the song “Reefer Madness”, off of our new album, there is a lyric that goes: “Reefer madness is useless propaganda, Fear is the tool they use to command us, so understand us we don’t fear no plant”.

The time for change is now! We feel that we have been waging this war for years, to see 15 states embrace for compassionate marijuana laws and more poised to jump on the bandwagon, the movement has never been stronger.

4-20 is symbolic to stoners around the world to fire it up in a peaceful act of civil defiance. Some stoners celebrate 4-20 twice a day, others once a year! Most people have their clock stuck on 4:20 all-year round. Whatever the case may be, it is up to the individual to choose and decide, much like the plant itself.

We don’t want the government or law enforcement agencies interfering with our personal life choices! We want to live in peace and redefine the term: “smoke free environment”.

The herb has many positive and healing powers and one of the biggest ones is bringing people together from all walks of life and ethnicities. Like the power of music, herb has the power to unify and uplift! So on this 4-20, remember that we are living in historic times. We have a black president now, so let’s have a green country! Stand up and take action!

Positive vibes and respect’ long live the Kottonmouth Kings!

Happy 4-20,
Daddy X (KottonmouthKings.com)

  1. I worked security for these “dudes” at a club in tucson, az (hotel congress) and they came by a friends party afterwards and we broke out some sticky icky, and we smoked these fools under the table, it was funny they left after about 1 hour looking like KottonMouth beginners.

  2. More like they left because your weed wasn’t Chronic as you probably claimed!!!

    If they can out smoke the best at the Cannabis Cup, I’m sure your amateur skills weren’t too impressive to them.

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