KRS-OneLegendary rapper KRS-One, known widely as one of the originators of conscious hip-hop, took a stand recently to lead a boycott against the National Museum of Hip-Hop.

At an event last Thursday (April 8), commemorating the launch of the National Museum of Hip-Hop in the Bronx, KRS-One stood up at the podium and voiced his opinion about why people should not support the museum’s movement, explaining that they will honor the genre’s forefathers.

To elaborate on his views, KRS-One stated, “The reason that it’s not going to happen is because Afrika Bambaataa has said this event is illegitimate and should not happen.”

“None of the pioneers are in support of this event. None of them will be here tonight. I am here on behalf of the Temple of Hip-Hop as an observer. We are observing,” he added.

KRS-One had originally been a part of the project as a member of it’s planning board, but decided to remove himself altogether after the direction in the planning and organization changed drastically.

After explaining why the hip-hop community should not support the National Museum of Hip-Hop, he went on to say that he and Afrika Bambaataa have been working to start a museum of their own, which would honor hip-hop’s legacy for the past 20 years.

He says their museum will honor hip-hop in both a celebratory and accurate manner, also mentioning that the reason the project has taken so long to get off the ground is due to the fact that those in charge displayed a lack of respect for the history and legacy of hip-hop.

“In closing, what you are getting, actually, is a real dose of hip-hop’s culture. Here is what we are dealing with, ladies and gentleman,” the rap veteran explained. “We have been trying to start a hip-hop museum for over 20 years. In fact, it was Afrika Bambaataa that came up with the idea. However, most of the people who have been behind the hip-hop museum idea seem to always create groups without addressing the pioneers themselves.”

The people behind the National Museum of Hip-Hop had yet to address KRS’ comments at press time.