B.o.B online gameAs he prepares for the release of his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, Atlanta rapper B.o.B is putting together some things out of the norm in support, such as an online video game.

The folks over at Altantic Records just sent over a link to the new game, designed to kill time and promote B.o.B’s album the same time.

It’s simply titled “The Adventure,” where you help the rapper “search for beautiful girls all over the world”, according to the description, as you drive around in a covertible.

“[The Adventures] is video game in which you have to drive around the world collecting beautiful girls,” the press release read. “You’ll go to London, to Paris, even way out there to Tokyo. Back home down in Georgia and to New Orleans. Oh yeah, NYC too. Not quite, but just like a Nintendo 64.”

Head over to BobATL.com/Game to try it for yourself.

The Adventures of Bobby Ray hits stores April 27th.