Peedi CrakkAfter serving a reported year-plus prison stretch, Philadelphia rapper Peedi Crakk is finally home.

Apparently the rapper (real name: Pedro Zayas) was jailed in early 2009 for a parole violation, but details were kept private, reports HipHopDX.

There’s been no official statement from the rapper’s camp since his release, but the news has been spreading all over Twitter.

“Welcome home, Peedi Crakk!!! They have finally unleashed the beast!! Stay tuned…” an update read on one of Peedi’s unofficial profiles.

Amalgam Digital owner, Anyextee, also tweeted his excitement about Peedi’s release, saying he plans to bring the rapper to Boston to “make hip-hop history.”

“Bout to bring my guy Peedi Crakk out to the @AmalgamDigital Boston, stu to make hip hop history. Looks like we doing whole new album folks,” Anyextee wrote (@Anyextee).

In 2008, Peedi finally parted ways with Roc-A-Fella Records to signed with Amalgam, where he was set to drop an album titled Hunting Season. Although the first single, “More Towels,” was released, the album never followed.

Stay tuned…