Nas and KelisKelis earned a victory over Nas in their bitter child/spousal support battle in court on Monday (April 12), when a judge ruled that the rapper must fork over a large sum of cash to his estranged wifey.

According to TMZ, Los Angeles Country Superior Court has ordered Nas to immediately pay Kelis over $47,000 in back child support and $40,000 in back spousal support.

That’s not it though.

The judge also ordered the rapper (real name: Nasir Jones) to pay Kelis $10,000/month in spousal support until he pays off the nearly $300,000 he owes her.

Additionally, Nas will also have to pay the singer’s legal fees and accounting expenses, which total over $200,000.

The ruling was just the latest in a a bitter court battle the two have been involved in since they decided to file for divorce in early 2009 after four years of marriage.