JaheimSinger Jaheim was reportedly arrested in New Jersey last month after he was pulled over for speeding.

According to TheBoomBox.com, the 32-year-old singer (full name: Jaheim Hoagland) was pulled over on March 28th in Hillsborough, NJ after police spotted him driving 30 mph over the speed limit.

After being stopped, police approached the car and noticed a strong odor of marijuana. They then searched the car, which turned up a small amount of weed and blunt wrappers.

He was arrested, and charged speeding and marijuana possession charges.

At press time, it was unknown if he’s received any kind of punishment over the charges, or if a court date has been set.

In other Jaheim news, he recently dropped his fifth studio album, Another Round, in February. The set debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200.