Together — with co-editor Marcella Runell Hall and writers Piper Anderson, Tanesha Barnes, Andrea Dre Domingue and Samantha Shapses Wertheim — author/activist and Certified Empowerment Facilitator JLove Calderón has just released a social justice book called Love, Race and Liberation: ‘Til The White Day Is Done.

The book, whose name is based on a line from the 1926 poem Dream Variations by Langston Hughes, investigates race and race relations by providing a framework for awareness, action, dialogue and understanding, and serves as an inspiring curriculum for use in classrooms and community workshops.

Both Jlove Calderón and Marcella Runell Hall live, work, socialize and are members of multiracial communities, making this book deeply personal and extremely important.

“Our hope is that this guide makes you laugh, cry, get angry and indignant, and feel despair but not stay in despair. Our hope is that it helps you reassess your commitment to do what’s right and that we all commit to regaining our humanity. ‘Cause no one is free ’til we’re all free. Can you get that? That’s why we just can’t stop, ’til the white day is done,” the editors explain of the book’s purpose.

It also features love letters for liberation by Khalil Almustafa, Eshter Armah, Hector Calderón and Pedro Noguera, among others, as well as interviews with rappers such as M1 (Dead Prez) and Talib Kweli.

The latter admits to have encountered numerous race issues and struggles. “It was in junior high school where cops went from being people who looked like they could help you, to them looking at me with suspicion. I remember that feeling. All through my life, teachers had real problems with my name. I remember being told by educators that, with my name, I would never be able to have a real position in America. I remember people telling me, when I had my first son, named Amani Fela, that I shouldn’t have named him an African name because he could never be president with an African name.”

Love, Race and Liberation: ‘Til The White Day is available for purchase at