Ice Cube

Ice CubeSince Ice Cube announced his next album, titled I Am The West, not much has been revealed about its content, songs, etc., except for the first single, called “I Rep The West.”

Last Saturday (April 3), the rap veteran finally unveiled a few new songs off the album to fans at Murs’ Paid Dues Independent Hip-Hop Festival in Southern California. Some of those songs included a controversial track called “Drink The Kool-Aid”, which some speculated was a diss to Dr. Dre and Eminem (Cube later denied reports), and the single “I Rep The West.”

But backstage, before he hit the stage as the event’s headliner, we were able to chat with Cube to find out more about the album. During our conversation, he detailed two new tracks where he tackles a few of today’s relevant issues.

On one song is called “Man Vs. Machine”, the rapper covers man’s dependence on technology.

“[‘Man Vs. Machine’] is talking about our obsessions with machinery and how it’s taking over. Automation is taking over human beings in all our relevancy in this world. Pretty soon, machines are gonna take over and that’s just real,” Cube tells “It’s happening in all of our lives. If electricity went out, and you couldn’t use these things, these gadgets that ya’ll using right now, we’d be back in the stone age.”

Then, on other song called “Hood Robbin’ “, Cube shares his opinion on a more politically-charged topic: corporate America’s greed and how it has effected the entire world.

“[Hood Robbin’] is talking about how big corporations is now stealing from the poor and giving to the rich,” the rapper explains. “It’s a whole thing about the things we’re going up against with housing and medical insurance … just everything people are going through. Real sh** that ain’t got nothing to do with money, cars, [and] all the sh** most rappers talk about.”

What should we expect from the rest of I Am The West? “Real sh**,” Cube says.

The album is set to drop on July 13th, via Lench Mob Records.