Ice CubeIce Cube ruffled a lot of feathers on Saturday (April 3), when he unveiled some brand new tracks off his upcoming I Am The West
album, while on stage at Murs’ Paid Dues Music Festival.

One specific song causing a lot of discussion on the Internet was a track called “Drink The Kool-Aid”, where fans speculated about who the rap vet was dissing.

On the track, Cube spits: “I ain’t the doctor / This ain’t the patient / This ain’t that n**** always on vacation / This ain’t no white boy’s rehabilitation / This is crazier then a boatful of Haitians.”

Some felt the lines were directed at Dr. Dre and Eminem, but that’s not the case, Cube recently clarified.

(Watch Cube performing “Drink The Kool-Aid” at Paid Dues right here )

In a blog entry posted Thursday night (April 8) at his official website (, the rapper revealed that he ran into the good doctor this week and even Dre thought it may have been a diss.

“I met Dr. Dre in the studio last night,” Cube wrote. “He asked me, did I diss him during the Paid Dues show last Saturday. I did one of my new songs called ‘Drink the Kool-Aid,’ which got everybody thinking I’m dissing the whole industry … lol. ‘You internet roaches…’ I told Dre that I’d never diss the man that got me started.”

Who was the track directed toward? Cube says no one: “No disses. Just style and grace.”

In addition to the clarification of the track’s lyrics, the rapper said that he met Dre in the studio, where he, Snoop Dogg and The Game were working on the upcoming Detox album. Cube revealed that the plan is for him to jump on the long-awaited Dre album, and Dre would bless his upcoming I Am The West album as well.

“When I got there, Snoop was in the booth laying the finishing touches on another classic from the dynamic duo. He played me some tracks set for the up and coming Detox record and we talked about me jumping on board the project,” Cube wrote. “Of course I talked about him doing sh** on my record and he said he’d bless the album. The Game came through ready to spit but Dre just wanted every[one] to vibe. It felt like old times when me and Dre would work on sh** in Eazy’s cold ass garage.”

I Am The West is due out July 13th. Detox? No date just yet.