Kanye WestKanye West has been shying away from the limelight for months now, ever since the infamous VMAs stage crashing incident in September. But, he’s been using his time wisely. The rapper/producer has been hard at work on his next album, Good Ass Job.

According to a report from Billboard, West has been holed up in his Diamond Head, Hawaii home and recording studio, where he’s been working with the likes of Q-Tip, RZA and Pete Rock.

While nothing is confirmed, the guests were unveiled via updates on Twitter, placing both RZA and Pete Rock in Hawaii.

RZA appeared onstage at a Nas concert in Honolulu on March 19, and a tweet from former Senior VP of A&R at LOUD Records, Schott Free, suggested that Pete Rock was in Hawaii with Kanye as well.

On March 9, Free tweeted at Pete Rock this message:, “Enjoy Hawaii, I’m sure you and Kanye’ are killing it” and then followed with: “@QtipTheAbstract on his weezy! Hot.”

While the producer denied, via a Twitter response, he had been working with Kanye, calling his trip “just a vacation,” he mentions a secret project that he says to keep under wraps.

“Pls dont mention that on here scott, it’s all goody, but I gotta keep a closed lid on it! PR,” Pete Rock wrote (@ChocBoyWunda).

Tip confirmed he has been working with Kanye in a recent interview with Brooklyn Bodega.

At press time, further info about West’s next solo album was unknown. However, G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Big Sean says Good Ass Job is due sometime in June.