DrakeThis week Young Money Entertainment’s Drake kicked off his Away From Home Tour in Pennsylvania. But earlier in the day, the rapper revealed some news with MTV — the release date for his highly anticipated debut Thank Me Later.

Drizzy told MTV on Monday (April 5) that his debut is set to drop on June 15th.

So far, the first single off the album is “Over”, but while on tour Drake is performing a new track called “Fireworks.”

The rapper explained the single “Over” and how it introduces what’s to come from his album.

“Here was this calm before the storm, and ‘Over’ represented the storm to me. It’s the moment. I wanted to emerge at first from this album and just let people know ‘This is how I’m coming out in the public eye. I’m ready for anything.’ Then when you get the album, it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s still human. He’s still thinking the same way.’ I wanted people to understand I could have lost it. ‘Over’ could have been my entire album. Just ’cause that’s what this industry and game will do to you if you lose yourself.”

For more dates on his tour, head over to Drake’s official Myspace page: Myspace.com/ThisIsDrake.