Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Others Help DJ Skee Launch His Skeetox Event in L.A.

Skeetox in LAAfter nearly a year of planning and six months of rehearsing, DJ Skee’s secret Skeetox event went off with a bang on Friday night (April 2) at Hollywood’s Vanguard nightclub.

Attendees filed in at around 10 p.m., enjoyed drinks, mingled and listened to house music, all the while anticipating what the Los Angeles-based DJ had in store. Finally, an hour or so later, the stage — equipped with six huge plasma screens and countless styles of lighting — lit up and you heard the DJ’s trademark intro, “This is a DJ Skee production”, blare through the speakers. Then, DJ Skee, wearing a gas mask, appeared on stage.

What came next was a live DJ show — led by Skee on the turntables and backed by a seven-piece band — similar to Travis Barker and DJ AM’s popular set, but amped up a few notches.

As Skee ran through several tracks from all genres — including Top 40, classic rock, current hip-hop and more — his band backed him on the drums, guitars, basses and everything else. Some of those songs included TLC’s “Creep”, Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”, Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, “M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”, and Queen’s “We Will Rock You” just to name a few.

The DJ says this type of event is long overdue in the DJ world, which usually consists of nothing more than a disc jockey and his wheels of steel, as well as a crowd waiting to dance.

“Being a DJ is great, but a live show, there’s only so much you can do. Club promoters try to put you in the back hall way, not show it off. Every DJ has the same records,” Skee explained to “I kinda got bored with the DJ stuff and obviously, there’s a ton of influences out there … like the Travis [Barker], [DJ] AM show to even what The Roots do. I’m just trying to my own twist on doing something new and fresh.

“I’m really trying to do this, especially because the DJ culture is so big … if you a big DJ, like some of the big Euro DJs, they’ll take over a stadium, but it’s like them and two turntables in front of a crowd. It’s kinda boring,” he added. “This is as exciting as any artist concert, if not more, because we smash with so many things and have a bunch of special guests.”

Smash is what he did. As the crowded waved them hands in air and girls danced to countless recognizable tracks, mixed to Skee’s liking, guests began to hop on stage to add to the excitement.

(Check out photos from DJ Skee’s Skeetox event right here)

Throughout the evening, fans enjoyed performances by Mike Posner, who dropped in for Skee’s version of Mike’s “Cooler Than Me” single; Ya Boy, who recently signed to Akon’s Kon-Live label, chimed in with a special version of his popular single “We Run L.A.” called “Skee Runs L.A.”; and Cisco Adler, of Whitestarr and Shwayze fame, hit everyone with “Spring Break Lover”.

Each performance were spaced through the evening in between DJ Skee’s  medley of mixed songs and crowd interaction, with the finale featuring special guest Snoop Dogg, who bum-rushed the stage and immediately broke into his latest hit “I Wanna Rock”. Then, he later invited Xzibit on stage for “Bitch Please”, before shutting things down with “Gin N Juice” and other Snoop Dogg classics.

The evening was a success for Skee, who says he bankrolled the event to prove its value and create a demand. Now, after showing Los Angeles what Skeetox is all about, he hopes to bring it to a city near you in the future.

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