Jae MillzYoung Money recording artist, Jae Millz, was apparently arrested in New Jersey on Wednesday evening (March 31) … for driving without a license, said reports.

The Harlem rapper was on his way to New York City for XXL’s Freshmen Class concert, but ran into some problems when Teaneck Police pulled over his vehicle.

He tweeted about the arrest, after he was finally released.

“F*** ALL New Jersey Cops!!! Especially the Teaneck Police Department!!!! They just f***ed up my whole nite!! Smh,” Jae Millz tweeted (@Jae_Millz). “I just spent my last 2 hours in a punk ass NJ jail cell!!!!!.. Shoutout 2 Officer J.Abraham Jr for totally f***ing up my night!!

Millz wasn’t on the bill for the concert, but his plan was to make a guest appearance on stage and surprise fans. Needless to say, his plans were foiled.

“Well since now the surprise is ruined!! Might as well let yall kno @Mr_Camron & @VADO_MH was bringing me out 2nite.. Smh,” he explained.

On UStream, the rapper further detailed the arrest, where he claimed that officers gave him a hard time, asking if he was famous and even inquiring about the authenticity of his jewelry and clothing.

“Punk ass cop had the nerve 2 ask me was my jewelry & Louis Vuitton belt & wallet real!!! smh bet u wish it wasn’t!!!” Millz said.

At press time, it was unclear if charges were filed, and/or if he is due back in court.