MursMurs is gearing up the release of his newest joint album with producer 9th Wonder called ForNever, due in stores April 13th.

What does that title mean? The rapper recently enlightened us about the meaning behind the title and where the term came from.

According to Murs, the term originated from his time spent growing up around Mexican girls in Southern California while working at his mom’s dry cleaners business as a youth.

“I grew up liking Mexican girls. I love Mexican girls … real like cholas that draw on their eyebrows? Ooooh,” the rapper explained to “So they’d be like ‘That’s my old man, I love him ay … fornever fool. We’re gonna be together fornever ay.’ That’s just the girls I grew up with. Dianna Cervantes … I still remember her name she was so fine. Gosh!

“My moms owned a cleaners in South Central, so I worked with a bunch of Mexican girls on the counter and that’s how they talk and that term was always [used],” Murs continued.

While he borrowed the term from his female friends, Murs says when he thought to use it as the title of the album, he felt that it fit perfectly with his situation 9th Wonder. Not only is the project his fourth with the producer, but it’s also the answer to a question fans always ask: “Why don’t you work with 9th anymore?”

“Fools was always like “‘ou not f***in’ with 9th Wonder no more. You need to go back and f*** with 9th Wonder.’ I never stopped f***in’ with him,” Murs explains. “He had the most tracks on Murs For President, we f***ed with each other for three records, this is the fourth record … ‘For … NEVER’. That’s the answer like, ‘We’re together ForNever ay.’ ”

ForNever drops on April 13th.

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